Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Little scarlett here will be going up in the shop this arvo. She's sweet and sports a bit of a different hair do, the classic bob.

Thought I'd also share a pic of Asher in his new owl tee. Tully loves it that Asher has a tee "like hers". I love this green on him:D Don't forget toleave a message below if you would like a similar one for your own little one.

And lastly, Tully's photo for the day. There has been about 50 of them (20 of the bathroom plug) but this one I especially love.


Mama Mel said...

MEGSIE!!! I love that owlie!!!!!!!! Gorgeous hon :) :D

Bec said...

That pint is just too cute! I'm always too slow to snap one up though!

I love giving my kids the camera and seeing what they come up with. Some of it is very 'creative!'. The 7 year old thinks it's hilarious to take photos of his sisters nostrils!