Wednesday, January 21, 2009

gocco a goer.......and a giveaway

Today I finally had a go at a gocco on a t-shirt. I've been meaning to do this for months but just kept putting it on the backburner. Talk about immediate gratification! I'm so stoked with how this turned out and how easy it was.

The image is a boobook owl that I painted on a tee for Tully for her 3rd birthday. The image is the sketch I made not the actual painting. I really like how the gocco still has the look of a sketch. Now I have sooooo many ideas for new sketches and tee's, so hopefully this will see the rekindling of my interest in doing tee's, as to be honset it has dropped off somewhat.

Now here's the giveaway bit... I've been meaning to do a giveaway since my 200th post, now 18 posts later here it finally is. If you like the little owl and would like to have one for the special little person in your life just leave me a message and let me kow why you like owls (cause I do) and what size tee and gender preference you would like. I only have size 0 to size 2 available and it will be up to me as to what colour I do use, got a limited supply you see. The tee's will be stripey bonds, so hopefully the image will look good on a stripey background. I'll leave this open until Tuesday morning so just leave a message here if your keen.

Now onto the baby stuff for today. Saw my midwife and bub is behaving well. Head is just above my bladder (don't I know it) with it's back to the left. She asked if I had my bags packed! What! SERIOUSLY!!! I'm still expecting 4 -5 more weeks! So I came home and washed all my nappies just to make myself feel a little bit prepared! Don't they look lovely!!!


The Cherub's Craft Blog said...

Oh my Megsie, what a gorgeous owl. Why do I like owls, there gorgeously beautiful eyes, and their soft downy feathers.

Size 2 and girl please :)

The Cherub's Craft Blog said...

Oops and I forgot to say, oh my some gorgeous fluff there.

megsie said...

thanks lesley:D Got a few of your little raphaels and auriels amongst them too. So gorgoeus and tenny tiny:D

Mary :) said...

Great looking owl Megsie. DH and I used to do gocco stuff years ago pre kids etc making tshirts and stuff for one of his many bands. I must bust it out again if I can find it. I like owls because when I was a kid I grew up with several species living close by, mainly barking owls and a pair of powerful owls as well as what I'm pretty sure were some kind of barn/masked owl that made a very eerie screeching/screaming kind of sound. It still sends shivers up my back. We also had lots of tawny frogmouths which I know aren't owls but pretty close :). Plus they eat mice!

(size 2 boy pls)

Michelle said...

Love little nappies - so cute and squishy!

The owl looks great - my niece's nickname is little owl, so the t-shirt would be perfect for her.

CurlyPops said...

The gooco tee is amazing! I didn't realise that it would work on t-shirt fabric. I would love to win one for my nephew Moo Moo. He would look so cute in an owl tee!

tikki said...

can i enter too LOL

seriously, it looks awesome!! can't wait to see what tees you come up with :D

Missie Krissie said...

Wow that print is amazing! Do you think if I wish for a gocco hard enough, one will appear?
I love owls too, especially the white ones, they are so beautiful. And the one you sketched is just brilliant! Well done!
If it so happens that I win a little shirt with him on could I request it for a boy size 2?
Can't wait to see more of what you come up with!

The Wild Child said...

Ohhh Megsie, I would love an owl for little Sophie, that's what the boys call her! Because of her big blue eyes!

If Soph is the successful little cherub can she have a size 0 please?

Noice stash by the way! they look so little and cute!


Donna said...

Megsie your owl is gorgeous :) My Toby man would look cute as in one of your tees :)He is a wise one just like your owl. I love the whoosh of their wings overhead at night.


tashalou said...

Those nappies ar so cute and that owl is just stunning! I love owls because when they look at you it's like they "know" everything about you, but they will tolerate your inadequecies anyway.

If I'm kucky I would like an size 1 for my beautiful boy Kai please :)

Cass said...

Oh boy do need to get a Gocco that tshirt is devine. I'd love a size 2 if I happen to win. I love the hootiness of the owl

Anonymous said...

OMG, I'd better get my bum in gear and get your longies to you! You are looking gorgeous and all glowy, how are you feeling now? has it been hot there?

Lovely nappies, babe will have a great stash by the looks.

if it's ok for me to enter Miss 6mths is in size 0


Kelly said...

That owl tee is gorgeous. I think I need to get a gocco. I have a little boy that would look lovely in a size 2. Your nappies look great. Good luck with getting through the next few weeks. Hope it all goes smoothly :)

Ribbonista said...

The tee is absolutely brillant, Dominic has big owl eyes! What an amazing stash, I love the B4B one you have there! I hope bubs move just a little bit to the right so your poor bladder can have some relief.

oh size 2 if we are lucky!

Sherrin said...

wow!! this looks SO good! did you use fabric ink through the 'normal' screen? You've got me all inspired to give this a go!!!!

(and wow! three weeks to go?! wow!! happy birthing to come!! xo)

milasmum said...
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milasmum said...

Ohh Asher looks cute as a his freckles!

My father passed his love of owls to me...we would always (and still do) talk for hours about wildlife. Here is a little poem I just wrote about why I love owls:

Oh Mr Owl you are so wise!
I love it when I see your big wide eyes.
And your wings with silent flight,
you catch your prey in the dead of night.
Oh Mr Owl I never want to see your demise.

Thanks Megsie for giving us this opportunity :)

All the best for your upcoming birth.


megsie said...

awesome poem Sarah! thanks for the creativity:D

Hi Sherrin:D I used a special fabric mesh that i picked up at Eckersley's. It's finer than the other screens. It comes in a roll which I just cut down to size and exposed like you normally would (but without a screen frame) then popped it in a screen to print it. I can find the proper name of it if you like.
Oh and I forgot to thank you for the tee! We love it, the colours are perfect on Asher. I'll post a pic of it some time

Bit more time for comments... I'll draw this out of a hat sometime tomorrow:D Thanks to everyone :D It's nice to see who's reading

Sherrin said...

aha! I've heard of the cut to size stuff. You can get it from Nehoc as well I think. I might give it a go some time.