Monday, January 5, 2009

life's a beach

Well it was for one day of our holiday. South west vic sure knows how to dish up some crazy summer weather some times.

Having just started a new job lach managed to scrape together a week of leave so we could have a little holiday. So a camping we went over to Port Fairy home of freezing winds, rain and noisy noisy shearwaters aka mutton birds. I've had many wonderful camping trips in Port Fairy but this one was definitley marred by the weather. Don't get me wrong it was stil a great holiday but only one day of summer and time at the beach the whole week and only on the day we were leaving just sucked. Oh must learn not to mess with the weather especially in the great south west.

The kids loved camping though, they're great little campers. Once the strange noises of mutton birds returning to their nests in the middle of the night were sorted and Tully had deciced they were ok and could actually come to her birthday party (even though the only ones we actually saw were carcasses)we did enjoy ourselves to a degree. Lots of kite flying, sand digging, horse and carriage rides and visits over to Granny Annie and a new little cousin brought many smiles to little faces. The next camping trip before bub arrives and whilst the sun is shining is in the plans. Here's hoping for some sun:D

Apart from wet and windy camping trips i have also finished off a great batch of trades but was a bit of a silly duffa and accidentally erased all the pics from my camera. i'd even done some t-shirt painting which is a uber rarity nowdays. Now my plate is pretty much clear so on to some making for my kiddies and a bit of prep for the bub. Sweet Granny Annie gave me Amy Butler's new book for Chrissy and I have quite a few projects added to my list. Together with some gift making for two little additons to the family, it's all go go here.

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