Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Lately I have aquired a couple of beaut old tins from my brother the collector/hoarder/garage sale nut, so thought I might show them off. My favourite is this fantastic one with the deer on it. It has a lovely folk feel to it and is now the home of many colourful threads. It seems natural that a box of such brilliant colour should contain a rainbow. I did have to fight Tully for it though, thankfully she was happy with a quality streets tin.

The hatbox tins were also pinched from the bro. They are just awesome and once given a bit of tlc will take pride of place in my sewing room. I love hatboxes but these are just that bit more special being tin. I'm a bit unsure on what colour to paint the red one. Maybe cream....what do you think?

And my last little tidbit isn't a tin, but I realised today that I hadn't shown this one off so thought I'd share it. I wish I could say that I made it but nope, my clever Mum did. She's a slight bag enthusiast (she's made more bags than i've had hotmeals lol) and gifted me the pattern and fabric for my birthday but I never got around to making it so she did for me. It's from a Melly and Me pattern and I love it.

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tikki said...

ooh nice tins!!

LOL Mum's bag making obsession, yes, I suspect she has made more than either of us have had hot dinners!!! Have you seen how many she ACTUALLY has!!! ( she has a stash in the entrance AND in her bedroom!!!)