Monday, January 12, 2009


we've had someone with gorgeous little chubby toes and an equally gorgeous smile visiting for the last few days. So much fun to be had every time we have these guys stay or catch up, which happily can be much more often these days.

There has been many, many hours of princess play, kiddy shenanigans, guitar noise and crafty discussions.

i've had help building on my wooly stash, although I've given up my attempts at knitting, a very kind and talented lass is happy to knit for me. I know, lucky aren't i! This is what is intended for this particular yarn.

Oh and cuddles...there has been lots of cuddles. I'm stoked to see how sweet and gentle my kiddies are with young Toby. Only 4 weeks until our due day so it's great to see how good they are around a little bundle.


Melissa said...

You're surely not due in 4 weeks??!!! Oh my goodness, where has that time gone? All the very best for the last month or so - I can't wait to hear the news of the safe arrival of your new little family member.


Lesley said...

4 weeks eek! Where did that go Megsie!!! Can't wait to see your new precious bundle :) For some reason I'm thinking pink lol!

Love and hugs