Sunday, January 18, 2009

summer lovin'

Finally a little bit of summer the last few days. It's been way too mild around here and although I'm not cherishing the thought of heatwaves or anything, it's so nice to have some real summer weather for a change.

We went for a quick visit to Warrny this weekend and Lach took the kids for a quick spin in the little boats down at Lake Pertobe. A huge hit for Asher, although Tully was lost in dreams of wedding boats and castles on the water.

I've also started thinking it's about time I get some stuff ready for the newest little member of our household. I can't believe how quickly this pregnancy has flown by and am a bit sorry to say I have made pretty much nothing for this little bubba. So I've been pulling out patterns and fabric from the stash and planning away. Pixies are in the plans of course, along with some printed tee's. But there are also plans for little quilts from these charm squares. I've never made a quilt before, I'm very lucky to have a clever mumma who makes them for my kiddies and myself. I have bought fabric so many times with the intention of making quilts though. This little charm pack has the perfect amount for a little quilt for the hammock or pram and are perfectly gender neutral. I've had a go at laying them out and getting the colour flow right so now just to sew them together.

I've also been adding to the stash. Found some great yellows finally via Kelani fabric store. Why are good yellows so hard to find?

I've also been very lucky that my clever mum is also a great knitter. These soakers are for the new bubba and are from wool from my stash which has been knitted and frogged a couple of times (I'm so not a knitter). Finally they have a new life and are just perfect. They're everlasting wonder soakers which is a definite fav pattern here for great fit and longevity.

And the last little number is from the ever talented and generous Tikki. Two little fish washcloths and some great washers for the bubba. The cloths for the bub were meant to be dishcloths but the cotton is too soft and lovely to be used to wash dishes and will be great for the bub. Tik whipped up another for Lily whilst they were staying before they kids bathed in no time flat, bloody amazing that girl....

3 weeks until D-day, although I know it will be more likely to be 5 weeks.....I'm a slow cooker

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