Friday, January 30, 2009


a new pixie......

and a new design. Both should be ready to go up in the shop tomorrow sometime. Only one lonely little pixie and about 9 tee's ranging from size 0 to 7. Then that may be it until after the bub....never say never though;)

Some more "new" things today...

a new journal. Nice and little to fit in the nappy bag, ready for inspiration to strike at anytime.

and new bargains for the new little bundle. I love 50 % off sales especially when it's stuff I've been wanting to buy for a while. Gorgeous pure baby newness. Oh and new bonds tee's (got some tik;)), I did say never say never didn't I:D

and new nappies....a fantastic, awesome, unreal, wonderful trade with a clever and creative Mumma. But these deserve there own post:D

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