Wednesday, January 28, 2009

where you came from

I just discovered this book today via "somebodies" blog but I can't for the life of me remember where. Seems my brain is as swollen as my feet.

It looks adorable and a perfect gift for the kids when bub arrives, so I quickly hunted it down and orderd a copy. Hopefully it arrives before the bub does.

I did want to post a pic from the web but can't seem to figure out how. Anyone wanna gives me some clues, told you I was a techno-phobe.

Man it's hot today. Hot and windy....not nice at all. I've just printed up a parliament of owls. I love that a group of owls has such a cool name! Had to goggle it mind you...I was thinking it was a jury. I tried to find somewhere to take shots of the tee's to pop up in the shop but the house is all dark as I'm trying to keep it cool and outside is sooooo windy. So maybe tomorrow a parliament of owls will appear in the shop

oh and no pictures in the post! I know...couldn't figure out linking from the web could I.. Oh dear my poor swollen brain

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