Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I'm not sure which is sweeter. The gorgeous little knot doll or that tiny little fist. awww I love em both. The knot doll was made by Donna from bits for bots. After seeing Toby with his I had to get one for Sage. I'm sure Sage will love it in a couple more weeks, she's growing so quickly! We now get the most heart warming smiles and gurgles. Haven't captured a smile on film yet but I'm trying. We do get lots of sleeping shots though. Here is the chubby faced little one hanging with me and the little artist boy. Asher was caught red handed, literally! His hands are thick with red paint.

Crafting has been a bit slow of late. I think I mentioned that in my previous post hey. I did make some crowns for the kids to wear to Lily's princess party but Lach was struck down by a bug or food poisoning, either way it was yucky and we couldn't go to the party.

We did catch up with Lily and she loved her crown as does Tully, Asher lovedit for about 5 mins and Sage, well she doesn't give a .... Silly me didn't get any shots of the kids wearing them though. I used this tutorial along with the instructions from the creative family.

You know how I promised pint pixie Florrie would be up for sale soon a while ago, well finally she's just about ready. You see I really want to buy this nappy and I don't really need it but it's cute and all that and we're moving house and have to save money for bond, so I can't really be spending money on sweet little nappies....but I really want it! So I'm getting my butt into gear and finishing off Florrie so I can justify buying. cool?

And here's a sneak peek at the next big thing tik and I are working on. See that ace fabric??? uh huh....local love.... keep tuned and hopefully they won't take to long to make a proper appearance. Lots of great local designers on cool tikki and pint stuff. Awesome +++

Oh and I'm a bit curious about stocking preferences. After seeing Lesley's poll I thought I'd ask, do you prefer random stockings or a set stocking time?


Missie Krissie said...

That knot doll is so beautiful. As is your little girl!!

claire said...

Awwww, I love that little fist too, so darn cute!
For the record... I prefer set stocking times, I always miss the random pixies!!

Donna said...

Too cute Megsie! I hope Miss Sage likes her little doll :)

Anonymous said...

awww, sweetness! the verandah looks like a great crafting space where you are now.

the new pixie looks fabulous, can't wait to see her finished

I keep forgetting to tell you, E takes her pixies to school with her for rest time and Poppet loves her and talks to her when she's getting ready for sleep. I think they both know how special they are.