Tuesday, March 17, 2009

show haul

What a crazy weekend! Phew I'm still buggered and it's the middle of the week already!! So why was it so crazy? Well we've been a visiting over in Victoria, attending weddings, having exciting rides on the ferry and hanging at the stitches and craft show:D(Myself, Sage, Tikki and Toby) Awesomeness + :D and the aquarium (the rest of the gang)

Firstly, it was Sage's first big journey and she travelled beautifully, yay! It's a bit squishy in the back seat now with three carseats but my wonderful cherubs all travelled beautifully. It helps that the big two are ever so excited about the destination! Lily's !!! Oh the excitement ...and we're heading back again this weekend for the little princesses 4th birthday. Excitement ++ :D

The wedding was one reason for the journey. Tully loved it and ohhhed and ahhhed at the bride, Asher found the toy box of cars and was entertained all evening and Sage, well Sage slept and cuddled as she does:D

Bright and early the next morning I was supposed to be up and ready ..but I was running late and made tik wait in anticipation of the show for over an hour (sorry again tik)But the wait was so worth it:D Upon entering we headed straight for the Indie section and spent the next couple of hours there. Mixtape, Dear Fi, Ric rac, Kristen Doran, Ink and Spindle, One red Robin, One girl and twiglet and Winterwood toys...and many others.... gosh talk about a bunch of awesome talent. I spent up big but could have purchased so much more! The rest of the show was so - so. If it wasn't for Amitie and Kelani I wouldn't have spent a cent in the main area. I had hoped pear tree yarn would have some awesome gradient dyed wool so I could attempt a tikki rainbow dress but alas, lucky for the purse. So here's my haul...

Ace little peg bear Nakasi from One Red Robin (Sage's teddy from Nana and Pa, thanks Nan and Pa)and wooden girl brooch kit, tin soldier and winter nest panels from Kristen Doran, tea set pattern from ric rac and little hair brooch kit from felt cuisine.

And then there's the fabric! Mixed pack from Ink and Spindle (Lara cameron aceness), a bit of Auntie Cookie, a variety of fat quarters and some wonderful rainbow dyed wool felt from Winterwood Toys. Most of the fabric is destined to be made into pixies. Tik and I have been discussing a very cool stocking, keep watch for more details over the next few weeks. I must warn you though that stockings from me may be a bit slow for a while. Things are a little bit slower with Sage (today she's hanging out in my awesome mei tai Leah made me, wonder if I can sew with her attached to my front ??) and we also have a pretty crazy social calendar AND are due to move yet again! I know we only just moved here nearly 6 months ago but our lease is finishing up and we wanted to move so Tully would be zoned to the school we want to send her to. Thankfully we only had to look at one house, it was ace and we got it. So as I was saying things maybe a bit sporadic for a bit:D

Ohhh and I nearly forgot the last awesome purchase. Chook leaf shoes for Tully. Perfectly prnincessY!


claire said...

Now THAT's a haul :D
Gorgeous stuff! I was in awe of you cruising around with 3 week old Sage, me? I would've been home with mastitis or sumpin ;)

Suzanne said...

Love the Peg Bear - how sweet is that :)

Mama Mel said...

Ah, it wont be long before Sage is on your back babe!!!!

Enjoy your babybliss, it flies past ever so fast :)

Hugs and jealousy :P

ingrid said...

Oh such lovely goodies! And it sounds like fun, maybe a little crazy, but still fun!