Monday, March 16, 2009

wooly awesomeness

ohhhahhhhh...pretty awesome hey????

I was super lucky to be part of a trade with the very talented Kris from Monsterknits. I've always admired Kris' stuff but have never been fortunate to score a pair so was super dooper stoked when Kris agreed to do a trade with me. I requested a spider orchid embellishment as Lach used to work on them when we were in Adelaide and they are so tiny, precious and vulnerable, just like a baby.

What an amazing piece of art Sage is so lucky to be able to wear and show-off. I can't wait until she fits into them, and i don't think she can either. Super lucky girl even received a bonus soaker in the loveliest colourway. Spoilt hey! Thanks sooo much Kris:D

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Amanda said...

Those longies are seriously gorgeous!!!!