Sunday, April 12, 2009


Today was a day for bunnies. Hunting for them,eating them and even cuddling them. It all started at 6am, how very uncivilised, and it has been going all day. Apparently we need to look out for those long ears and keep searching the yard just in case easter bunny came back and snuck some more eggs in somewhere.

For the little one who is much too small to indulge in chocolate I made a sweet little moppy bunny. The pattern is from More Softies and is by Carly from Nest Studio. I love her and Sage does too, well she smiled and waved her arms at her alot so I'm taking that as a like.

Hope everyone had a lovely Easter and got lots of scrummy yummy chocolate:)

We're moving house in a couple of days so I'll see you all after the big move *waves*

1 comment:

tikki said...

awww, cute moppy bunny.

Nice looking choccie stash the kiddies have there ;)