Wednesday, May 27, 2009

sage's pixie

I've been busily working on the "local love" pixies for upcoming stocking, i know i know, it's been upcoming for what seems like ages, but i promise you it's coming! Anyway I was just finishing of this little miss which features one of my fav prints by Lara Cameron when I noticed Sage's eyes bulging out of her head when she looked at it. She loved it! I decided since I like this one so much and Sage obvioulsy did as well, then she could have it.

So here's Sage's first pixie, which is apparently quite tasty. I do have another one all made up for her, it just needs stuffing so I'll be popping that one up randomly in the next week.

So now I'll be making another pixie to replace Sage's as well. So the plan at the moment is a super exciting, and quite large stocking by tik and I featuring lots of fabulous prints by local aussie fabric designers in about 2 weeks

oh and did you notice the very special wings? Beautiful rainbow hand dyed felt from winterwood. Just awesome and more like them to come....promise

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Mandy said...

OOoh, that's my fave print too! Love it!