Wednesday, May 13, 2009


One of the most enjoyable things about moving house in my opinion, is the setting up of scenes in the new home. I have always enjoyed setting up visually pleasing little scenes in my houses, so I thought I would share a couple in the new home. Not that I have achieved much. The setting up of scenes is definitely one of the last jobs to be done, and sadly I still have an awful lot of stuff to unpack.

Coral and awesome art by belle and boo and Catherine Campbell

A pixie featuring molly bird print by Kristen Doran and patiently awaiting a set of wings

My very favourite sewing box with the thread I'm using to handquilt my very first quilt. So Yeah this ain't a scene as such but I love how the colours work.

said quilt :) waiting patiently for it's turn. I sooooo want to be quilting this but I really must get these pixies done! Oh and awesome granny square rug made many neons ago by Granny Annie. It's double thickness and super dooper warm.

And cute cute owls sitting in my kitchen:)

Ok back to the pixies!

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Mandy said...

I love the quilt you're working on Megsie! I'm about to start on a little bassinette one, for our impending arrival :) My very first quilt, also.