Tuesday, July 7, 2009

little boy lost

Tonight I finally pulled out the pattern and fabric I have been promising myself I would get to and look what I found, a little boy on horseback lost in the pattern packet. aww I sort of felt a bit sorry for this little fella lost. There must be a Mum somewhere wondering where he is.
I love these old photos. It's the exact format all my childhood photos are in, why did they ever change!
I also love this sweet little pattern. I'm making the little blue number and have gotten all inspired by the local love stocking to cut into some of Lara Cameron's bonsai for the pockets. I love the shape of these pockets and the zip down the front of the pini! Cute and in apple green cord, way cute. Hopefully Tully will think so too!

1 comment:

Jodie said...

I have photos like that of my childhood, on fat litle ponies. I wonder who he is?