Wednesday, July 1, 2009

my creative space

Intensely pink,isn't it! My creative space today consists of invite's for Miss Tully's 5th birthday and a bit of clip making. Of course Tully's favourite colour is pink and the more intense the better, whose isn't at that age?

I had planned on making the invite's with the gocco but after wasting 3 screens and 3 sets of bulbs, I realised the image wasn't carbon based and thus would not work, so I just printed them on the printer. The same printer that I've bought with the intention of using for gocco! derrrrr. Oh well, Tully doesn't care and I'm sure the invitee's won't care either....but i do!

The clips are for the local love stocking over on ozebaby. There's a few others up and going up today or tomorrow (depends if the baby who is attached to me and refuses to sleep by herself, will actually settle). Auctions that are up will be finishing today. Crazily there are a pair of tikki's awesome pants that have not even had a bid! Do you know how awesome these are!!! Quick go and bid on them now!

And this is my big soon to be 5 year old. She finished kindy yesterday and starts school after the holidays (weirdo SA schooling). Oh my goodnes they just grow way too fast! And yes, she does believe she's a princess, although she does want to grow up to be a fairy or a mermaid and thinks she should be going to mermaid school.


Michelle said...

The birthday invitations look gorgeous. They sure do grow up to fast though don't they.

Suzanne said...

Oh wow Megsie, the invites look lovely :)