Wednesday, July 15, 2009

my creative space

Today I'm celebrating one of my greatest creations, yes it's a celebration of Miss Tully Lila turning 5. As all mum's now our creations certainly don't get any greater than our children. We've been up very very early, had a picnic at the park, browsed the toy shops, bought a new drawing book and now we're home and all is quiet thanks to sleeping children who may have gotten up just a bit too early.

I could get out some crafting now but I've just been making a zillion little clips and I'm a bit clipped out. I really need to get a baking but little miss Sage doesn't really like that idea

I'd love to sit on a mushroom in the sunshine ;)

but instead I think I'll relax and read my new fav mag and smile at the bub

more craftiness over at kirsty's


Kirsty said...

Oh happy birthday to your big 5 year old!

Michelle said...

Happy birthday Tully. Your hair clips look very sweet.

Kylie said...

Sounds like you've had a lovely day :) Happy birthday to your beautiful girl. K

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! The photo of the clips looks so colourful and great. I'd love to sit pondering on a toadstool too :-)

june at noon said...

Ah, mushrooms in the sunshine. If I could do that, with some embroidery in hand, I'd be a happy girl!