Saturday, December 12, 2009

ho ho ho.....

Are you ready for it yet? The BIG day is getting closer and closer. The tree's been up for ages, we're halfway through the advent calendar and there's even pressies under the tree already. I have quite an extensive list still to make but thought I'd have a break from it and make some new santa sacks for the kids. I've been meaning to do these since Tully's first chrissy so since I needed to make Sage one, the other two got them as well.

They were super easy to make and have turned out just as I hoped. Sage's was first and thus the satin stitching is a little dodgey on hers and Asher's, but Tully's is pretty good. I'm thinking of ways of using these ideas for softies and even maybe embelishments on clothing....endless possibilities really.

And lastly, a little pixie I sent off on her way last week to a strawberry loving home. I do so heart her.

Now back to the gazillion pressies to make on my list.


Michelle said...

They are gorgeous Megsie

Kris said...

You are amazing!

I feel even worse now that I haven't sewn my advent calendar!

tikki said...

OH WOW!!! They are sensational Megsie!!!

Bloody awesome you clever sis!!
I really should make Toby one *oops* and finish my advent calendar too *double oops*

claire said...

Oh Megsie!! Beautiful & amazing santa sacks!!! I'm sure they'll be treasured forever :)
I wonder where that super duper pixie was flying to??? MY PLACE!!!! Yeeeeee! I love her soooo much! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. We love her to bits and will definitely be taking her on our travels. Today she has been busy flying with Zoe's oak way doll ~ the special flying babies. Have a lovely chrissy ok? Isn't the build-up exciting?!xox