Wednesday, January 20, 2010

too bloomin' cute

Today I spent the morning chasing my sweet little Sage around the yard trying to photograph her with her handmade Chrissy presents, but she didn't want a bar of it. No way Mumma, I wanna go and eat that yummy tanbark instead! Of course this is her #1 fav thing to do at present and why not?

So there I was chasing the munchkin around, bringing her back from the bark, picking the grass off the dress..I wasn't winning. So here are the less than perfect shots. Firstly the escapee and the sad little toys she left behind. The gorgeous miss is wearing her gift from her clever aunt Tikki, a beautiful little bloom dress. This is one of tik's own designs and you can purchase it over here if your keen on the knitting craft. I have been waiting to get my hands on this little number for quite some time but now I have it's a wee bit hard for the little crawler to get about in so away it goes until she gets the walking thing sorted which, *damn*, won't be long, she's furniture cruising and has even taken a step! It seems little Toby has been teaching her tricks while my back was turned!

Sage didn't get alot for Chrissy (from us) with having a couple of siblings we already have our fair share of toys. So I decided to get her some special little handmade pieces, something a bit more you know ...well special.

Two very talented and kind ladies agreed to do a couple of customs for me. Holly Bunny, featuring Holly hobbie fabric *sqeeeee* came from Beck from dandelion and the sweet skittle girl came from sam at Jetta's nest Sage totally loves them and gleefully chews the bunny's ears any chance she gets. More to the point I totally love them, they are super awesome and I'm very very pleased to have been able to gift these to my sweet Sage. Today however, they were left behind in the pursuit of bark, now really! ooo and lookee there's a great write up on Sam over here and that's Sage's little super- fly softie.

Now I haven't given you a really great shot of the bloom but here it is with the bubba showing off her strong little legs

And her cute big melt my heart eyes.

A very wonderful thing about bloom and something I haven't mentioned cause I'm sort of presuming you know, is the reason for the knits name. Bloom "blooms" with your child, so whilst even though the knit was gifted to Sage, it also fits Tully. See... same knit different child. One 11 month and one 5.5 year old. It's obviously not a dress on Tully but a top but I haven't shown the full view as Tully wasn't being a super model today. Not like she was for tikki in these shots where she shows of her gift from the lovely aunt that she is.

My shots aren't nearly as good but here's Tully in her very own Rainbow dress along with one for her new friend Emily. I know, how sweet is that! Today we went down the street with Tully and Emily and received lots and lots of compliments. Super special hey.

I did sew up quite a few gifts for Chrissy, a few pixies, a little astronaut softie and a my very newest and fav at the moment design, the long-legged polly dolly. I started this design about a year ago and got it all sorted to gift to little Lily for chrissy. Silly me erased the pics I did have so I'll share those shots when I get them *nudge nudge* tikki;) I also sewd up some bits and bobs for the kids and will share those too when I can talk them into modelling for me again. Oh and as for the shop, it will be reopening shortly with a small to biggish stocking of the new fav, long-legged polly dolly. Keep posted I promise I won't be gone for so long this time.


Michelle said...

The bunny is divine! (And Sage is too). I bet Sage just loves those long dangly limbs. Look forward to seeing the pics of Polly Dolly.

Vanessa said...

Oh what cuties, cute bunny and gorgeous dresses. Love your blog xxx

Jetta's Nest said...

Oooh what a lovely little surprise to stumble upon! Your girls look so sweet in their outfits too :)


beck said...

How lovely to see Sage & Holly!! And Tully of course. Both your girls look so sweet & I too love your blog. Thanks for linking to me, you're a real sweetie xo