Thursday, February 25, 2010

my creative space

Lately my sewing has all been about little dresses. This week it's been Tully's turn so I pulled out a few patterns and played with some lovely fabric trying to decide exactly what combinations I would go for. First of I made a Lily top by Pink fig, which I will tell you about later but I should have started with the Frida by Modkid as this pattern is just crying out for me to make it. Have you seen the instructions? Oh my, these patterns are just amazing. Full coloured little booklets with lots of great detail. I'll let you know how I go. Oh and the fabric, well I'm going to use the birdy and pink spot which are both Michael Miller prints. That little twillerbee (or whatever the thing is called) help me decide that one. I'm not exactly sure what that is doing there, it's a bit cute though so it can stay.

So the Lily top, well it turned out quite nice, Tully loves it which is the main thing but I didn't come away from making it full of praise for the pattern designer. Maybe I've been spoilt by the Sew liberated pattern but hmmmm well there was quite a bit missing from the pattern. Sizing was off,instructions would not be detailed enough for a beginner (which I'm not thankfully), spelling mistakes and no reference to different sleeve lengths beyond the actual pattern pieces had me a bit miffed with it. But at the end of the day, the dress turned out ok. I love the Anna Maria Horner and Amy Butler mix, great colours for Tully but would probably have preferred shorter sleeves rather than the longer.

What better compliment can you have than your child rushing in the door after school to put on her new dress and then off to the back yard to see how it goes at headstands. Yep we had knicker shots, but I didn't think you needed to see her cupcake undies.

Hopefully I'll get to make a start on Frida tomorrow. If I don't spend all day checking out all the creative spaces of at kootoyoo, oh my there's a lot of players these days!


Angie said...

How cute does she look! You make a great dress! Love the pattern combination.

I love that brown bird fabric in your first shot!

Thanks for sharing your creative space!

claire said...

Love it!
I can't wait to see the Frida :)

yardage girl said...

Lovely little dress - and it's already been roadtested! Nic

Michelle said...

The dress looks lovely, and your twillerbee has chosen a great combo too.

Kate said...

Oh that happened to me recently with a pettern and it was very annoying (ie the typos, and mistakes). The dress turned out so beautifully though, you must be thrilled. I love Modakip's patterns too. X

Lesley said...

Hence why I don't often read instructions anymore :( But go with the Modkids, I'm turning into a fanatic, I've made 4 Modkid outfits in 2 weeks, none for Miss K but that's changing soon.

Tully looks so cute in the Lily :)

I want to see Miss Sage in her apple dress though, where are the piccies.