Wednesday, May 26, 2010

creative space

Feeling the need for a new softie design, I always revert to my sketches from long ago. This morning I decided I needed some smaller softies to sell at the upcoming market and after a quick flick through some old sketches I came across this little babushka. I also found this piccie of her on a little tee I sold eons ago, I wonder if it's still in a little girls wardrobe.

I think she is going to be quite a simple little miss to come together, well I hope she is! I'm still having trouble with the little alien I started weeks ago, much to Asher's dismay.

I still need to come up with some boys focused softies, who knows what I'm going to find in the sketchpad tomorrow.

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Michelle said...

She is sweet. Look forward to seeing what you come up with for the boys.

74 Lime Lane said...

she's lovely, and would make a great softie.
i have two boys, I can imagine they would be hard to design for ~ all aliens and robots and monsters

Lesley said...

She is gorgeous Megsie!! I think she'll turn into an awesome softie.

How about a monster for the boys? Pirate?

Anonymous said...