Tuesday, May 25, 2010

to market, to market.....

Yesterday I discovered a handmade children's market coming to Warrnambool which is just a couple of hours away and home to my sweet Mum. I've been lacking a bit of enthusiasm about selling my wares of late so this is just the kick in the butt I need. I already have a gazillion plans for it and am quietly a little excited, not hugely optimistic that my softies will be brilliantly receieved, but keen to see some faces and expose little old pint to a wider audience.

The market is only 8 or so weeks away, but thankfully I have been putting in some time and have two as yet unnamed long-legged polly dolly's, well nearly 2,just gotta finish the body on the little red head. Two more polly's are in the works, and some pixies will join them as well. Lots more plans are afoot, but lets be realistic ...8 weeks! If you are local to Warrnambool or interested you'll find more info here

Today is sewing day here, so off I go whilst Miss Sage sleeps. Speaking of the cheeky monkey, here she is in her new little duds. After a bit of a stuff up sewing wrong pieces together, they've been saved and I'm pretty happy about that. The denim is lovely and thick, perfect for the very chilly weather we have been experiencing. Thankfully, Lach rescued the little heater from his shed, and now my little sewing space is a warm one, hope yours is too!


Anonymous said...

Oh wow!!!!
How embarrassing (for me lol) that I only found out about it via your blog!
Will absolutely come have a squiz :D

Lesley said...

Miss Sage is too cute!!! Love the pants and glad you could save them.

Lucky people in Warnambool