Tuesday, August 10, 2010

been a long time ....

Yep, it's been quite some time since my last blog post, but it's been even longer since I did a bit of painting on the old t-shirt! A bit of screenprinting was going on at the end of last year but I honestly can't remember when I last painted a t-shirt for sale or even for my kids! Actually none of my children have a t-shirt I have painted for them! Sage has a little pixie that has come back to us that I painted for her cousin, but not one for the kids. Neglected aren't they! Well not for long I'd say.

I decided to paint some tee's for a stocking I have been invited to take part in at Gossamer dreams. The theme is the ocean and since I don't have any softies which fit the theme, I decided to paint. Of course Tully desperately wants the mermaid and it does happen to be her size but has decided she will be more than happy with Rapunzel. And since I'm enjoying painting quite a lot, I'll be fullfilling that request and hopefully even doing more for sale and for the neglected children.

I have to apologise to the mum's of boy's as I have neglected them in this stocking once again. The t-shirts are both very girly, well can you get much girlier than mermaids on hot pink? But I promise to make amends and will be ordering some more tee's today to paint and stock over at my madeit store.

So the specs...the stocking will be over at Gossamer Dreams Sunday evening. Go and check out their blog to see some previews and who else will be involved. It's been a bit of a hiatus since the last Gossamer dreams stocking so I know there is going to be lots of very very awesome wares up.

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