Sunday, September 19, 2010

Norman Gnome the softie

It seems like ages since I've been trying to come up with a new little softie for boys. I wanted to make something small in size and thus more suitable for a little baby, and something that really appealed to me. Don't get me wrong, I love the montie monsters, but I wanted something sweet and ,well, the montie's just aren't sweet.

Like all good ideas, this one came to me at about 2.30am as I lay there with a bubba (the one on the inside) belting the crap out of me. Of course, one of my favourite images for little boys tee's!!! Norman Gnome!

I've used this image on quite a few tee's and actually have some little gnome hats appliqued on tee's waiting for painting. I knew he would be perfect, so I waited patiently until Lach took the small people out for the arvo and then with an idea in my head just how he would come together I set to work. And work he did...yipee! My first prototype was it! He's quite different to the original sketch but still super sweet and will be definitely greeting the bub in tum if it's a boy. The big boy doesn't like him though *raspberry* he wants a gigantic car softie instead. Norman Gnome just doens't cut the mustard for Master 4.

Anyway, I like him and am a bit excited about him so I sat down last night once all the kids were tucked in bed and cut out a whole heap more. I would really love to make some with the ruler fabric though, anyone know where to find some? Oh and I might even finish off those tee's too.

Besides sweet little gmomes, I've also been busy making a choir of angels. Some of these will be going up over at my store on made it, while the others will be heading off to the next jellybeans market in Warrnambool. The next market is at the end of November, so whilst I do have quite a bit of time up my sleeve, I will be greeting a new little person into our family and moving house beforehand, so may not have all that much time to sew. Maybe...but then again maybe I'll have heaps! Wishful thinking right?

I am working away through my list though and have a few gorgeous pixies cut out along with a trillion babushka's and some great fabrics waiting to be made up into aliens. Oh and then there's the santa sacks. Sketches are all done for these, I just need to squeeze in some time to make them. And super excitement is the 5kg of new eco filling I'm waiting to arrive on my doorstep which will make most of my softies nearly 100% natural fibres (I use polyester thread and the aliens have minky tums).

So much making to do which I am very enthused about, such a shame I have such a massive load of newborn clothing and nappies to try and wash and dry along with the mountain that accumulate in the rest of the families wash baskets. Hmmm I wonder if I could hire a maid?


zofia said...

oh so sweet!
could see one of these in a Christmas haul...;)

Lesley said...

Love them!!