Wednesday, September 22, 2010

creative space

I have some lovely little piles in my creative space, waiting, waiting, waiting. Some were waiting for me to get more thread so I can finish them off. Some are waiting for Miss postie to deliver packages so they too can be finished off. Sadly they'll just have to wait a little longer as I tired my poor 38 week pregnant body walking too much purchasing said thread and other sewing goodness and Miss postie STILL hasn't delivered on the goods.

Think I might just curl up with the Peppermint mag while I wait for the school pick up time to roll around. And then ,hopefully, with reinvigorated energy levels I'll pull out the thread and finish the boots off on Miss Elf who is absolutely busting to be made up into a santa sack.

hmm I was going to forward you to go over to check out kootoyoo for more creative spaces, but it seems school holidays may have put it on hold this week. o

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