Friday, October 22, 2010

Otis Alec

For the past week I have been breathing in the sweetest smell in the world, the head of my newborn baby. I've been so caught up in the loving that I forgot to tell you guys about him! Shame on me.

Well little Otis Alec arrived last Saturday evening after a very quick and *hip hip hooray* totally natural, no medical intervention in the slightest, birth. After 3 days of prelabour I was very very pleased he decided the time was right, particularly as MIL had only arrived in town a few hours earlier to look after the cherubs.

He's my heaviest bubba at 3.92 kg and very suprisingly has a head of black hair. Lach and I are both fair and our other kids are strawberry blonde, red and snowy, so a little black head certainly came as a suprise. He is absolutely wonderful and thriving and doing lots of fantastic things, like only waking once in the night for a feed, and then having a whole heap of cluster feeds through the day. His big bro and sisters are totally smitten with him and Sage even shares her much loved breastfeeds with him. Tandem feeding is certainly full on and I admit I feel a bit like a milking machine, but they love it and I think it's all a bit special really.

So there you go, sorry for not letting you know sooner. Now to attempt some sewing....yeah right as if that's gonna happen. Maybe I'll just try and stuff a softie first.


toadstooldots said...

What wonderful news. All the best for you and your family!!!

zofia said...

Beautiful boy!
Welcome little Otis, you sweetie pie!

Shannon said...

Nawwww, beautiful Megsie! He's edible! Congratulations. Have a wonderful newborn era with this gorgeous little man.

Kristy said...

nawwwwww indeed to both photos! Beautiful baby, and 'awwwww' again LOL and Sister holding him... triple 'nawwww' at that photo!

FWIW all my (term) babies had black hair at birth. We now have a blondie, a brownie/blondie, a slightly darker brown/blond, and a dark brown almost black with burgundy/gold highlights. LOL DH hair is black and mine is 'mixed' depending on season but usually auburn. Anyway that got longer than I planned but

CONGRATULATIONS and enjoy that special newborn smell... and cuddles!

Carolyn said...

he is just divine!


all ours had black hair once too, now they are silvery blonde, brown, strawberry and red. Our last was also our biggest!

All yours kiddies are so cute!

Kylie said...

Congratulations - what a cutie and LOVE the name.

Amelia was born with a head of black hair - she never lost it, instead it just grew fairer and fairer and now has alot of red in it.

Mary said...

Yay Megsie, congrats to you and Lach. That is a gorgeous pic of Otis and Sage too.

ingrid said...

Oh My, he is lovely!

I adore his name too. It suits him perfectly.

One of my 4 was born with a full head of black hair. It all fell out eventually and now he is auburn!