Wednesday, November 17, 2010

long-legged polly dolly love

I really love making these sweet little polly dolly's. From the chenille and vintage reprint fabric right through to their sweet little hand embroidered doiley aprons, they are just delightfully rewarding. I was pretty chuffed with these two little "yet to be named" lasses which I have finished off for the Jelly bean market, which incidentally is only 9 more sleeps away! (quiet little Ekkkkkkkk!!!!) So anyway, I thought I'd take a piccie of them to share......

And so it appears that I am not the only one quite smitten with them. My sneaky little assistant saw her chance for a bit of an inspection. You see they are normally kept well out of reach of all the little people of the house. Tully really couldn't give a hoot about any of my softies, but Sage on the other hand LOVES them.

Apparently they passed the inspection which pleases me.

We agreed (with a small amount of bribery) that dolly's could go back and we'd get out her own polly dolly's whom she preceded to swing by their legs and cover in kisses. ahhhh I love it!


Michelle said...

Gorgeous! What's not to love about a long legged Polly dolly? Even the name is loveable.

Brianna said...

Love their chenille hair! They are gorgeous!