Tuesday, November 9, 2010

checking my list, ticking it twice....

Oh my, the look on miss Tully's face this morning when I told her I was really one of Santa's elves and was very busy making toys for little boys and girls! Priceless really. I think she actually believed me. Well how could she not with the many piles of softies in progress around the house.

Seriously, my house has little piles of softies, santa sacks and brooches in various stages of completion everywhere! Everywhere that is that little Miss Sage my wonderful little helper can't reach them.

With only a couple of weeks until the jelly bean market and then another 6 weeks until chrissy, my plate is feeling rather full. Add on house hunting, inspections by prospective buyers, tandem feeding and the general shenanigans of school and kindy, well my plate is pretty much overflowing. Bahhh, well it's all good really, cause I enjoy it in a weird sort of frazzled kinda way. It's not really that bad, cause I can see the light and am very much looking forward to it. I had such fun at the last market and am very much looking forward to the next one on November 27, Warrnambool show grounds if you're local.

So for now its all systems go...interspersed with some crazy dancing to the latest soundtrack in the house, Justine Clarke, and lots and lots of time snuggling on the couch feeding my sweet little Sage and Otis. Who as it happens, will be 4 weeks old on the weekend! 4 weeks! wow!

I know, he's beautiful! yep I made him. Pretty pleased about that


willow and moo said...

Without a doubt you are one of Santa's elves!!! :)

Ooooh Otis is gorgeous! Almost makes me clucky (and that is a huge achievement as I'm not the clucky type!)

Cathy Rubin said...

4 weeks! wow where did that time go? and what stunning little eyes :)

Michelle said...

I am amazed by how much you manage to squeeze in around three kiddies, especially with a new born. All looking very lovey as always (and isn't it a great feeling to be making something that you know will be an awesome present for someone on Christmas morning)