Sunday, January 16, 2011


I just love books and always get a bunch of them for chrissy. This season I bought myself most of this loot but dear Lachie did purchase the one up on top as a bit of a suprise.

Speaking of the lovely Make it Perfect branding, if you go and check out Toni's blog you will find a MASSIVE listy of raffles and auctions all set up to donate to help out those effected by the floods up in Queensland. What a wonderful way to make a donation and do a bit of blog surfing, there's some really fab stuff on there!

My other favourite paper goods purchase was a bunch of swap cards by Daisy lane. Did you collect swap cards as a kid? I did and just couldn't resist collecting them again.

Now don't forget about my giveaway in the post below now will you! You've got until the 24 Jan to donate and comment. If you can't comment for some reason please send me an email at pint(at)netspace(dot)net(dot)au with your receipt number and i'll comment for you.

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zofia said...

oh yes. I still have all mine! Hoping to pass on to my daughter one day...but in the meantime, I have bought the Daisy Lane ones also. :)
I wish you could still buy swappies. They were a lot of fun.