Wednesday, February 16, 2011

creative space

Today I really wish that I could be quietly finishing off these little friends. They have been waiting so patiently.

Or maybe finishing off a sweet little dress for my very soon to be 2 year old,in fact two in 2 days!!

But no, I'm packing. After hunting and hunting for a house for sooo long, we finally found one and now in a blink of an eye everything is being packed away ready for a move. It's only up the hill, but still with 4 little ones under foot (or in the case of Otis, atached to me) the creative side isn't getting much of a look in.

So today, this is my space. Unfortunately, it mostly involves cardboard boxes, not delightful old suitcases.

more spaces over here


Vic said...

Gah, moving is such a stressful CHORE! Hope it's all over quickly & painlessly for you...!

Love the chenille for the hair on those guys... genius.

BOB & MABEL said...

Moving is difficult particularly with kiddies. But on a positive note, at least you get to have a good clean out and you can start fresh in your new house. Good luck.

Michelle said...

Ugh, moving. Hope you find some creative time soon (that doesn't involve boxes).

Fiona said...

Moving is such a pain - I know all about it as I'm surrounded by boxes too!! I don't have the excuse of little ones under foot, but it's still no fun. Hope it all goes smoothly!