Friday, January 28, 2011

long-legged Ollie Dollie

I have been working on #2 long-legged Ollie Dollie for a few days with each night a little boy asking if he could take his new little mate to bed with him. Last night I promised Asher that Ollie would be ready to go cuddle, but had to sit up until 12.30 finishing him off to live up to my promise.

As I went to bed I tucked Ollie in with Ash to find in the morning. And oh my, what a delighted little boy I woke up to! "Oh MUM you are the best cuddly toy maker ever!" I love how he emphasised "cuddly" toy! Gosh how can I possibly compete with lego!

I was pretty pleased with this version and am mightily pleased that Asher loves him too. In fact Ash loves him so much that he has renamed Ollie, "Asher", as of course he looks like him with his red hair. Both Asher's took to the streets this morning, together with Tully's long-legged polly dolly, who has recently been named Jessie. Softies held hands whilst crossing roads, waved to everyone, did somersaults, handstands, walked and of course had lots of cuddles. It doesn't really get much more rewarding than that now does it!

I'm super keen to make yet another long-legged Ollie dollie. This time his legs will be a fraction longer, but that's about all I'm going to change. Thank you Michelle and Mary for your reassurance that his name is fine as well. I love the rhyming. Anyhow, I'm pretty pleased with him. Long-legged polly dolly thinks he's pretty nice too, what do you think?


Cathy Rubin said...

thats just a touch of awesome! :D, hes pretty spesh Megsie, well done!

zofia said...

ooh, he's adorable.
They make a cute couple. :)

Phillippa said...

Wow I think he's wonderful. As a mum of two boys I am so happy to see a boy version.

tikki said...

a www, I wub him!!!
I so love that Asher called him Asher!! too cute!!
On the shoulders is how Lily carts around her dolls too, like a piggy back.

Jody Herbert said...

He's just gorgeous. Love his name - Ollie Dollie - it suits him. Love his hair and boots & socks - you've done a fantastic job. Just love him!