Wednesday, May 11, 2011

my creative space

I was going to have a bit of a whinge about how I'm getting zilch achieved at the moment but who wants to hear about that! and well to be honest it's not doing much for my mojo whining about it. So instead I'm going to tell you what I want to get done.

Well firstly, I'd really like to sew this jelly roll up into a lovely quilt. Such a shame it has become sage's #2 favourite thing to do. #1 fav thing of course involves boobies, but #2 is definitely sticking little owies into "her" jelly roll.

I would also really like to start sewing some sweet little faces on this pile of long legged polly and ollie dolly's. Look there's even a little pixie amongst the pile waiting for some arms and legs to be attached. My very fav part of making a softie is sewing their faces on. That and choosing the fabric of course. They're a very patient bunch this lot.

With all the chilly weather I also keep looking at my wolly stashes. Be it either the lovely wool blends waiting to be made into little jackets, here's hoping I'll get them done this winter or it will never happen! And then there's the absolute plethora of beautiful, beautiful crochet rugs i keep coming across like this one

And there's new skirts and dresses for my big girl, warm pants for my littlest boy (who now has teeth, eats, sits in a sort of wonky way and is on the move! slow down little man) and so so much more. And then if I go and take a look at all these creative spaces, well I'm sure to be hit with even more inspiration and NEEDS to make! If only there were more hours in the day, that and I had a nanny and a cleaner...Imagine!


Michelle said...

Could you distract her from the jelly roll with buttons?

Lots of lovely things waiting there - hope you find some time to get some done.

tikki said...

she is sooo like Lily!! Lily loved sticking "bites" into fabric and the like when she was the same age... she used to also lie them down and make them into little people!!!

I want some more time in the day too, I think I'd like a child walker too ;)

Maxabella said...

I love your philosophical approach! You'll get there. Even though you don't have that cleaner or that nanny, at least you have clear goals, right!? x

Dolores said...

I ditto your comments, I'm in exactly the same boat and wish I could find more time for craft. A cleaner or nanny are on my wish list too.


Sherrin said...

That's a lot on the list. You'll get there. Your mojo will come back! (I wish some extra hours would come both our ways too!)

Amy said...

somedays we just have to dream of all the things we want to make... that could be why I am so overwhelmed.good luck

Seaweed and Raine said...

That's a sweet looking jelly roll. It's odd when your smalls decide that something you have purchased for yourself is for them. Mine do that too.
Have fun with your wool blends! :)