Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I'm really sorry, but i'm going to brag just a bit in this post. You see I'm a bit lucky to have a bit of a clever knitter for a sis. Not only does she knit awesomely beautiful stuff for my wee folk, but she also designs them herself. True. Me I didn't inherit the knitting gene. Actually I really suck at knitting. But who needs to knit when they have someone to knit for you.

And not only does she knit just any old thing. No, she designs these knits herself. Uh- huh.

So when chilly Mr wind and his mate Master Bloody freezing came to town, I didn't need to go off searching for some warm clothes for my kids. Their wardrobes are bulging with beautiful knits (bulging yes, but they can always fit more). No need for daggy windcheaters or polar fleece, we have beautiful pure wool and cotton. And since she's a bit of a yarn snob, these fibres are the bees knees.

Sadly not all of my children love wool. Master 5 refuses to wear it. It itches apparently. Oh well his loss. Tully gets about in her rainbow dresses, Otis in awesome vests but Sage is the really spoilt one with a pretty extensive array of designs. By far her most worn item this winter is this golden number which is actually designed by Elizabeth Zimmerman.

Yellow, oh how divine is yellow on sweet Sage. Don't you think the yellow cardi and the ziggy beanie (knitted for Sage as she kept stealing Lily's)is pure warmth and beautiful style?

Now just in case you didn't know the name of this clever sis of mine, it's Tikki. And if your really jelous and a bit over my bragging well go and pick up some needles and get knitting, or better yet bribe someone to do it. I'm going to cause I think my children really need a fratello and a sorello, or a ziggy beanie or sweater...definitely the sweater, or new milo's.....

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tikki said...

Little Miss Sage is just gorgeous!! I love her in yellow too.

BTW I do appreciate your SUBTLE begging....but I can't do anything without measurements!!!! poke poke poke :P :P