Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I quite like meme's. They are a great way to encourage something to blog about as well as find and be inspired by like minded people. Today I'm going to join in on two meme's, good old creative space and a new one on vintage style for kids hosted by hart+sew discovered via lottielulu.

I actually thought I'd join in on the vintage kiddie style as I had dressed Otis in one of my very fav bubba cardi's. I found this little orange cardigan in an op-shop when my 5 year old was a baby. Asher has red hair, so this little cardi was an absolute treat on him. Next Sage wore it, and now it is Otis's turn. But not for long. Those bottom buttons refuse to stay put over that tubby little tum.

Normally it is Sage who gets all the vintage goodness. Boys vinage clothing can be very hard to come by, particularly natural fibres which I much prefer. Interested in seeing some more sweet vintage treats, head over to hart+sew

Now my creative space has this sweet little pixie in it at the moment. I was going to stock this little miss with elsa and emery in tonights little stocking but then I remembered I needed a gift for a sweet little new baby, so this yet to be named pixie will be heading off to live with a new little girl named Sophia, who I just can't wait to cuddle an cluck over. I sooo love squishy new little bubba's.

more creative spaces are over here


ingrid said...

oh yay, I am so glad you are going in. Otis is completely adorable! I love love love orange!
I agree with you whole heartedly about boys vintage. It is a lot harder to find and it gets even harder in bigger sizes. There are quite a few cute small boys things on etsy at the moment but sadly none of them are big enough for my little guy.

Maxabella said...

Otis is so gorg! Look at those cheeks!

I love that cardi. I particularly love that it has passed down from each of your children. That's special. x

Michelle said...

Love your pixies

Lisa said...

oh just the cutest little pixie!

Krissy @ B.Inspired said...

His cheeks are so adorable, I can't even focus on the cardi!

Stacy said...

so glad you joined in! i am in love with that saturated orange color, he looks adorable. if i found that myself it would definitely be a keeper! hope to see more in the future :)


Lili said...

I love this little jumper