Tuesday, June 7, 2011

elsa and emery

Elsa and Emery are patient. They have sat quietly together waiting to be finished. They've waited whilst we went away on a little holiday, whilst a little rednut ventured off to school for the first time and watched all the tired tears and tantrums that resulted. They've waited whilst we had in-laws visit and whilst I changed, washed and tried to dry a gazillion nappies and little peoples clothing.

They've waited whilst I've breastfeed children whilst surfing blogs (what better time to waste on the net than when a child is attached to you), whilst readers are read and homework done. They've waited whilst sunny days gave way to bone chilling winds and heavy rain.

They've waited, with increasing excitement as little aprons were made, knowing their time must be coming soon. And then they waited as each was lovingly stuffed, cuddled and popped up away from little hands. Then we all waited for the sun.....finally we caught a ray, snapped some piccies and here we are.

Now Elsa and Emery are waiting for tomorrow night at 8.30pm (sa time) to be listed on made it. Hopefully they won't have to wait for too long to meet a new friend.

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