Wednesday, October 12, 2011

creative space

So it seems I suck a bit at the blogtoberfest stuff.  Oh well, no matter huh.  Here I am back again to show you a little bit of what's happening in my world.  No excuses about why I haven't been blogging, I figure you all know how it goes.  Sometimes the bloggity mojo just isn't there.  Some days there just isn't too much to share.  But today there is!  I'm a wee bit excited about a new venture I'm about to bedcome involved in.  A venture involving a few super talented artists and myself opening up a little shop stocking our very own works.  A little teeny tiny shop right here in Warrnambool.  Soon you'll be able to wander down the street and pick up your very own pint pixie, polly or ollie dollie, babushka's or whatever you like.  Not only that, you can also get your hands on some AMAZING stuff by some other local artists.  That's if there's any left cause they are so ace and it's gonna be just awesomely wonderful.  Thinking handmade for Chrissy?  Get along to warrny town and come check out "Fabric".  I'll give you some more specs down the track but we're opening up in just about 2 weeks!  ekkkkkk!  2 weeks!  Needless to say my fingers are getting busy and I'm trying really hard to get some stuff together.  Today it's babushka's, tomorrow finishing of some polly dollies, then pixies.......  Oh and add to the mix a little man's 1st birthday!  Wonderfulxx

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Mary said...

super exciting for you Megsie, I'll be sure to drop in next time I'm down your way.