Saturday, November 5, 2011


Hello, This Mr Ivan Teddie. Mr. Teddie, as named by my 7 year old is a new member of the pint clan.  He's a bit shy and retiring, he sits quietly waiting for a smile, a second look and and then to be picked up, stroked and cuddled.  You see Ivan is sitting waiting in a wee teeny tiny shop for someone to look at him and say " Oh...Gee hello.  Would you like to come home with me?"  Him and his mate Rupert hae been waiting for a while.  Well a little while.  You see besides making these guys, I've also joined forces with three other very clever artists and started a little shop selling handmade and locally designed products. I'm sorry but I haven't got some piccies of said little shop as I'm too slack to actually take some although I promise I will as there's lots of very cool stuff to be found.  Awesome original screenprinted skirts, t-shirts and cushions and amazing embroided pieces, yep it's ace. Lachie tells me it's the type of shop I would get very excited about.  He's right..

anyway back to the teddies.  These guys are quite big.  Larger than an Ollie Dollie and much larger than a pixie.  I've made them with lovley scratchy old wool blend and they feel like my old school jumper but best of all they are lovely to cuddle, and quite fun to make too.  I would really like to make more at the moment but people keep asking for little aliens and pixies.  So i'll be good to those wanting to buy a little pint friend for their little one this Chrissy and pop some in the shop and online.

  Soon, before Chrissy.  But first I'm gonna get ready for the opening of "Fabric" on Friday.  If you live in the lovely little seaside town of Warrnambool, please mosey on down to Fabric and say hello to Ivan and Rupert, and maybe Molly too.  Little Molly has sprouted wings (well I made some for her) and now sits waiting patiently to meet a friend as well.  How long should I make them wait before I pop them online?


zofia said...

They are so cute!
I would buy Rupert for my little boy in a snap.
He could hang out with Alvin. :)
Congrats on your wee shop! Wish I could visit.

Dolores said...

Congratulations on the shop. Your dolls are so cute!


Mary said...

Congrats on the shop Megsie. I will definitely come and visit next time I'm in town! Love the teddies too, especially their eyelids.

ingrid said...

oh golly gosh these guys are cute! Can I put in an order for one for Christmas pretty please? Kitty would love a new Ted.

Megsie said...

i'll have one going up in the shop Monday night Ingrid! thanks. he would love kitty.