Saturday, November 12, 2011

It's starting to feel a bit like....*shit*

Now how did that happen!  I blinked and it's nearly Christmas.  Oh I do love this time of year and have to admit I really love this time for two reasons.  It's a time to  celebrate = fun.  It's a time for sunshine = happy.  It's time to buy pressies!  It is!  I'm starting to buy pressies. Are you? Trying to find that special present for the kids.  Hunting for a wooden high chair that isn't pink .No I don't want a pink high chair hanging out in my kitchen, not baby pink anyway thanks.  I really want to buy the sweet little second hand number at the antique shop, but it needs work and between now and chrissy that may not happen.  but I digress....It's nearly Chrissy!  i do love Chrissy.  I want to be good and not admit that I love the consumeristic spin that Chrissy is now.  Well not overly, we don't spend a lot on Chrissy.  There's no computer games, private techno gear in our house, it got lost  a week into the 7th year, and her barbie video girl doesn't count....again i digress.  But still with 4 children, and my love of buying, the cash gets swallowed up at this time of year.  So ...yep it's time for a stocking and to get you guys giving me some good hard cash!  Yep that's it.  I need to buy some bikes and you guys are going to help me.  So we'll start of on Monday.  What will I stock?  I have to work in the wee teeny tiny shop in the afternoon.  Do you know where the shop is?  Well if your local to the lovely sleepy little seaside town of Warrnambool, head down Liebig st towards the Dirty Angel and you'll find us hiding under the Loft.  Again I digress....  A stocking?  So the ted's have sat in the wee teeny tiny shop for two weeks and I think they need cuddling, so I'm going to separate them and pop one up Monday night.  If he sells, his mate will go up Tuesday night.  A time ....... how about ummmm 9pm?  Ok? Think some babushka's might join him too. 

And the  guy above, well the teddies are below you can see them down there......  This guy is Archie and he was resplendent in his best shirt at the wee shops opening last night.   It was fun.  He did't hook up with anyone, he didn't find the right friend for a cuddle.  Who knows...maybe he did today?  a new friend to cuddle.  I'll pop him up in a week if he doesn't.  Til then, it's the teddies, Rupert or Ivan.  On made it at 9pm.  Cool, hope to see you there.  Or even in the wee tiny shop.

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