Monday, November 14, 2011

Toby Milo and the trip to Werribee

When you turn 3 your allowed to spit on your birthday cake.  No one really minds, now do they.  At three you still give big wet kisses.  You can pick your nose and eat it and people won't look at you too strangely.  You can drop your pants and wee anywhere you like.  Anything, pretty much.  I can't remember 3 but it looks like fun.  And they're so much fun!  On the weekend the family got together for young Toby's birthday.  Toby is the little man of the milo girl, Tikki.  He is a little champ!  He's such a funny boy and dearly loved by one and all, especially Sage.  For a week I used the trip to see Toby as the bribing tool.  Piece of cake, she will do anythng to see Toby.  And what a catch up.  Lots of giggling, frolicking and play.

A bus ride around paddocks full of giraffes, zebras, hippotami ( is that the right plural?) and rhino's.  Crazy dancing and a play at the hippo playground.  For the whole walk we were harassed by a need to go to the hippo's playground.  But what is it?  It was built up and much excitement was rewarded when we found a group of hippo sculptures spurting water out their bottoms!  Seriously!  I took some beautiful beautiful piccies of Tully and Lily in their undies playing but I won't be sharing.  I don't share nudie kiddy picks, do you?  It makes me feel a bit weird cause as much as I don't mind writing about my day to day life on here and you guys reading it sometimes you just don't know who's reading it, you know?
But I will share this guy cause he's so funny.  This shot was taken as he suddenly plonked his sleepy head down.  Life's hard when you're a lion without your lunch to chase down.

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zofia said...

Happy Birthday to Toby!
Oh, that lion picture is fantastic! :))
Forgot to check your shop for teddies-drat!