Saturday, October 1, 2011


Finally after move 559 ( well that's what it feels like) we are just about settled in and I've started sewing again. Well I've tried anyway.  You know when your bubba is about to do something amazing and they turn into a clingon?  Well I think O must be about to do something totally off the planet as i can not move two steps from him without him going nuts.  Add to the mix school holidays and some super dooper wet weather, well to say I was getting close to zilch done is about right. 

I do have these 3 little beings on the go...but they have been on the go for MONTHS.  They'll get finished soon I'm sure, they're very patient..

However, I must admit that I have been getting distracted from the last step in finshing them off, which is actually my least fav, by thoughts of sunshine fabric and a new idea.  Today i've been sewing with bright yellows and oranges.  Hopefully it will bring a bit of warmth to our little world.  Here's hoping there's lots in yours.

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