Wednesday, February 15, 2012


So here's my latest little obsession, my Hello baby bears.  I've churned out heaps of these little dudes since my last blog post and have been so excited and pleased with how well they've been recieved.  They tick quite a few boxes for me.  They let me play with my fabric and use up lots of my smaller pieces, they let me play with colour and pattern and allow a little relaxing embroidery.  They are quick to make and thus instantly rewarding and, most importantly, I know they are going off to meet a new little soul.  i've designed these guys as a welcome earthside sort of a gift for newborns, but of course they are equally welcoming to any age group, but I do like the idea of them gifted as a friend to a new little one.

My latest pair, Banjo and Beverly are about to head into the jelly bean shop in the morning.  Hopefully they'll find a loving home in  no time at all.

Besides my bear obsession, I've also been doing the op-shop rounds.  With the two elder kids at school, op shopping has become much easier.  No more battling for old plastics toys to come home with us, or dog eared  books.  Yesterdays endeavours brought home this beautiful pillowcase in the most stunning fabric and a sweet little pattern.  I find the 70's children's patterns are getting rarer and rarer to find.  This one is in a size 6 which would still fit my big girl, but I wonder if she's getting too big for this style?  I don't think so but she may think otherwise.

And lastly, i have to apologise for the side ways piccie but i turned the image when I loaded it, but I just can't do portait pics on blogger?  Not sure why and am too much of a techno dunce to be bothered figuring it out.  So here's my latest design.  It's for my little Sage who turns 3 on Monday.  She apty choose the fabric before she knew what I was making.  Can you tell what it is?  Not sure about sewing with fake fur though, it keeps getting up my nose.

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