Friday, February 17, 2012

for my little babbit

When Sage was younger I used to call her my little rabbit.  Being at the age when she just couldn't quite pronounce some words, she would respond with "I no babbit".  Sooo cute and and would melt my heart every time.  Now she is about to turn 3 and already seems to have grown up so much, yet she is still so teeny tiny. 

For birthday number 3 I wanted to make her something different.  Of course she has polly dollies, pixies and babushka's and tells me she doesn't want an alien nor a Mr. Teddy, harumph....thank you very much.  So what to make for my every so gorgeous and ever so particular miss, why of course her very own babbit. 

I have been wanting to make with fake fur for a while and after a visit to my crafty mumma who had a thing for making teddies at one stage and had quite a stash of fur to pass on, well I set to work.  This little one came together quickly, but alas i ran out of polyfil.  She sat on the sidelines for a few days waiting.  I had to work in the shop, then make a babushka for gift for a birthday party and of course wash, feed, clean.....but then today came and the big fella took the little one out and I had time alone.  My deadline is still two days away, but I've overachieved this year and got in early.  No last minute midnight sewing this year!  Sage's babbit is ready.


Lesley said...

Gorgeous Megsie as always and Happy Birthday to Miss Sage!

Michelle said...

Beautiful. Hope Sage has a lovely birthday.