Thursday, April 26, 2012

my creative space

 Over a year ago my Mum gave me this little cardi for my little girl Sage.  She had knitted it for my nephew, but by the time she finished it realised it would not fit him.  All I had to do was pop some buttons on it.  It sat and was added to the pile of things to do.  Do you have one of these piles?  Mine are well intentioned but often never get done.  I kept meaning to pop those buttons on.  I kept looking for the perfect ones.  I'd wanted wooden ones, but could never find the right size.  A recent visit from my knitty sister tikki resulted in the gifting of these sweet red gingham buttons. Perfection.  And only a few weeks later, I finally sewed them on.

Of course, the jacket no longer fitted Sage but thankfully it fits little Otis.  Which pleases both Otis and I.  I must say I am rather pleased with myself for actually finishing off something from my to do basket.  Who knows this may see the finish and mending of numerous other pieces?  Probably not, but here's hoping.
That's how my creative space started off today.  The sewing of some buttons for the little dude.  I would love to show you the rest of my creative space but it's no longer in my home.  I now have my own space outside of home where I can sew.  I am very pleased about this for a number of reasons.

  The space is ran by the F Project and is housed in the origninal sewing spaces used by Sir Fletcher Jones many years ago.  I love this linkage in history, sewing in a space that was originally sewing rooms. 

One of the main reasons I am pleased about my new space is that I don't have to wait for the littlest two to do some of this.....

Before I can do some of this....

Today I'm sewing on the kitchen table, but after tomorrow you will find me sewing away an evening with no interruptions in my little sewing space.  Churning out more of these types of guys.

This little alien dude has been waniting to be made for quite a while.  I don't tend to make the larger aliens much anymore.  I'm not sure why, but I've lost the mojo for alien making at the moment.  Little aliens though, well  they're the new kid on the block for this week. 

The littles gave him the seal of approval.  What do you think?

more creative space here


Lesley said...

Gorgeous Megsie and a sewing space out of home, just bliss! Much Love

tikki said...

Yay!!! I'm pleased to see you sewed those buttons on! They are fab! let me know if you want any more in any colour. Lovely to see Sage wearing that old jumper of Lily's; it's one of the few jumpers I knit her.

LOVE the little alien so very much <3 <3 <3

Angie said...

What a cute little alien!

Carmel Morris said...

That is one cute alien! Is that your own pattern? Where can we get one?

CHD said...

I love the green alien, especially those eyes. Cx