Saturday, May 19, 2012

a gift

Tully is off for her first birthday sleepover tonight. Six sweet, squealing, giggling 7/ 8 year olds  for a whole night.  What a brave Mumma.
Now Tully likes to give handmade gifts.  Usually it's a babushka but recently she took an alien to school for show and tell( sooo cute) and it was decided that was exactly what her bestest friend would get for her birthday.
We sat down, chose the fabric and  off I went.  Of course, Tully discovered later her besties favourite colour was not purple but blue.  Oh well....
Tonight we're eating all things tully doesn't like and living it up with 3 kids under the roof.  Wonder if we can farm out the other 3 for the night too!  can you imagine that!!! I can't.

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