Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Winter is wool season for me.  It's when wool really comes into its own and becomes integral in our daily existence.  For many whom I know it is not restrained to seasons, but for me it's a winter craft.  Normally I pull out my knitting each winter in a vague attempt at making something wooly.  But i am not a wooly maker.  I suck at the clickety sticks and am yet to finish anything completely from the old hooky thingy. 

However, I am very very lucky to be surrounded by clever knitty folk.  The knitty gear Sage is sporting found a home with us over the last few days.

The very amazing camera I bought at the port fairy made market and was created by the super clever Trevor Smith.  Trevor makes AMAZING crochet pieces. awesomely amazingly clever dude!  i also purchased a beautiful wooly beanie for the Otis boy's head and keep dreaming of the sweet crochet collar I wish i had bought.

The other knitty goods was of course the beautiful rainbow of fluffiness Sage is wearing.  Created by my clever sister tikki this is the best milo I have seen yet.  TRUE! I have seen many in my time, but i do believe this is the bee's knees of milo's. 

So there you go.  With all this beaut knitty goodness just finding it's way to my door there's no need to bother pulling out the old clickety sticks or the many many half finished knitty's ufo's hiding in my home.  Why bother!  Best leave it up to those who are ace at it.

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tikki said...

OMG That camera is amazing!!!!!
I love it!!
Is that the same dude from the last one?
You have to let me know when the next one is, I think I desperately need some of his work.

Love that second photo of Sage, I'm stealing it :P
I just knew that noro was perfect for her! <3