Wednesday, August 22, 2007

new hairdo for the tullmister

Tully had a big hair chop today and i love love love how it's turned out. She had about 10 cm cut off so it was quite long and i was a bit nervous about gettingitcut but i think the shorter dosuits the shape of her face so much more. She was such a little angel for the hairdresser and loved every minute of being pampered. Her hair looks so much healthier now and tully looks so much older.

Asher couldn't let the camera come out without jumping in front of it with a big grin and this shot was too cute to refuse! awwwww gee he's a little dude!

Two little great mates posing. And a simply gorgeous pose from the little princess.


Lansi Liz said...

WOW Tully looks gorgeous, love the new hairdo! I can't believe how much Asher has grown, him and Tully look the same size in that pic! I printed off these pics and have them on my fridge... When are you coming home? I miss u guys...

megsie said...

i knew you would love these liz! but i thought you were coming over here next ... i was gonna book you in! we miss you too