Sunday, January 23, 2011

long legged Ollie Dollie mark 1

I have been thinking of this new softie for quite some time, so when the opportunity of a quiet weekend arose (aka a chance to sew) I took full advantage of it. Whilst Ollie Dollie isn't quite there, he isn't far off and has been warmly received by the little people of the household.

The main correction I'm planning for the next draft is not quite so loooong legs. Mind you Asher tells me he needs long legs as boys are bigger than girls. hmmm not sure about that one but for me they are just a touch long.

Mark 2 is already in development, with a bit of help from Asher who helped decide on fabric choices. Number 2 is looking much better too! His body is more streamlined and better proportioned.

I already have visions of little Ollie Dollie's in paisley shirts and tartan pants, retro geometrical outfits and of course little ties, bow ties and suspenders. His socks will always be stripey and his boots, well they are supposed to be little basketball boots.


Lesley said...

he is too cute megsie and I love the long legs!

Michelle said...

Love him, long legs and all.

willow and moo said...

Megsie, he's truly fantastic!

zofia said...

very very cute. So nice to see a boy :)

claire said...

He is fantastic Megsie! Maybe sometimes he can wear glasses too :)