Wednesday, January 19, 2011

my creative space

With a rather largeish baby draped across my front, crafting is getting a wee bit harder. Add to the mix 3 more housebound children due to a run in with chicken pox, I've pretty much achieved zilch in the way of creative endeavours this year. So to make up for this lack of achievement, I've been dreaming up things I HOPE to do.

Long-legged Ollie Dollie is something I've been thinking about ever since my wee little Otis arrived on the scene. You can call a boy's toy a dollie right? hmmm might have to work on his name. Get a bit of testosterone in there.

Of course, the sketch is the male version of a long-legged polly dolly. Speaking of which, have you entered the raffle below yet??? You should you know. What else are you going to do with $5?

I know what you can do! You can head over to Tikki's blog and use it to enter the raffle we'll be having over there (well i think they will be raffles). Opps I have achieved something creative after all! I painted these wee little characters on some organic denim which I sent off for tikki to work her magic with. Go check out tik's blog maybe tomorrow?? and see what we have to offer.

In the mean time please check out the MASSIVE master list of bloggers with auctions and raffles and of course lots more creative spaces over here


Michelle said...

All three photos are gorgeous Megsie, and I think you can have a long legged Ollie Dolly for sure.

take the cake said...

Love the drawings for the Ollie Boy Toy, very cute and so is the real one Im sure

Mary said...

Beautiful bubba shot Megsie. Dollys for boys is just fine. Ollie is looking great so far almost ginger meggsish.

Claire Gale said...

i just had to pop in to say i love your little dollies and your blog and don't worry your time will come again x