Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Otis In Eden

Gee I wish we were in Eden, but alas we're in the mount the land of pine trees rather than stunning coastal vistas. The title actually refers to the sweet little knit Otis is wearing gifted to him by his uber talented aunty tikki for chrissy

It's a bit of spesh one, and I think those little whales could be seen as orcas, a bit of a reference to the history of the township of Eden and it's maritime past. Do you know the story of the orca's in Eden?

Long ago when whaling was a important industry in the town, Orca's would help herd the whales in to be slaughtered. Rather horrific, but nontheless amazing really.
Anyways, here's Otis in Eden. He's pretty stoked with it, as am I.

Thanks tik, it's droolworthy!


Lesley said...

Oh Megsie he is so cute, the Milo is divine - well done Miss Tikki - and where did all his hair go????

Anonymous said...

Oh he is adorable! Love the milo vest

Kate said...

Its all too divine for words...the baby, the Milo, the stunning pics.

zofia said...

aww, so cute.
Hehe, gotta love the drool factor!